Rocket Recallers Workshop

Recalls are the most important thing you can teach your dog; not only are they vital for responsible dog ownership, but a reliable recall can ensure you can help your dog to avoid dangerous situations. It also makes for happier dogs and owners. A reliable recall allows you to let your dog off-lead and feel relaxed and confident that they’ll return when you call. The perfect route to stress-free walks, where your dog gets plenty of time to run around and play!

In the first 1.5 hour workshop we will cover the basics, along with adding in some distance. In the 2nd workshop we look at adding in those all important distractions and increasing the distance, but individuals will progress at their own rates depending on their previous level of training. There will be 2 fully qualified trainers in each workshop to ensure we can assist people that are at all levels.

We use fun, motivational, and positive methods to engage your dog and build the value in the all important recall. As well as plenty of practical training, we’ll discuss the theory of how to build a reliable recall, why certain situations can provoke “selective hearing” in our dogs, and how to identify and overcome those big distractions.

These workshops are 1.5 hours long with a small break in the middle to allow you and your dog to have a bit of a break from all the information you will both be taking in.