Border Collie puppy sitting for a treat outdoors. Approved by Denise Flaim May 2018.
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There are key puppy developmental milestones that are crucial to hit during very early puppyhood.

Ensuring you socialise and habituate your puppy as early as possible in this crucial time of development is probably one of the most important things you can do to ensure you have an obedient and happy life long friend. It's vital to start training as early as possible; as soon as you get your puppy or at 8 weeks is ideal.

We will help you learn training techniques that are scientifically proven to be most effective for puppy training.  These positive training techniques are also easy and fun so the whole family can get involved.

Sessions take place in the comfort of your own home or on your favourite walk (if appropriate) and we can fit training around your schedule. Got a specific problem you want to focus on?  No worries.  Home visits offer the flexibility for us to tailor sessions to your specific needs.

We understand how daunting training can be when so many people offer conflicting advice. Avoid the stress and confusion and book a home visit to start on the right track from the very beginning. This option is perfect for advice on topics such as:

  • toilet training
  • play biting/chewing
  • helping puppy settle at night
  • walking on lead
  • coming back when called
  • jumping up when greeting
  • appropriate socialisation (particularly important for shy or nervous pups)
  • appropriate mental enrichment and brain games