We are suppliers & stockists of PerfectFit harnesses. We will come to your house (or we can arrange for you to visit us) and we will measure up your dog to ensure we get that "PerfectFit" harness. Once we have got all the sizes correct we will order your harness. Once this arrives we will come out and adjust the harness to fit your dog and show you how to put it on. 

Unlike a collar, Perfect Fit Harnesses put no pressure on a dog's throat. They are padded with soft high quality fleece to ensure comfort for your dog. Benefits of Perfect Fit Harness;

  • Easy to put on (clips around neck, then swings between the legs and clips either side. no need to unclip all pieces
  • Reduces the chance of dogs escaping as the neck hole can be made smaller than the dogs skull
  • Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest & around girth
  • Front D-ring available for use with a double ended lead
  • Calming - snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs
  • Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists
  • Pieces can be bought seperately, as your dog grows, if you want a different colour top and if a piece becomes damaged or chewed.