Myself & Caroline have attended many IMDT courses with many more to come in the future. Here you will find what courses we have attended and some info on what is involved in each of them.

April 6th & 7th April - 2 Day Career As A Dog Trainer course

The initial course for anyone interested in Dog Training or looking for the OCN qualification in Dog Training & Behaviour and a popular entry route to obtain Membership of The IMDT

An intensive two days for anyone considering becoming a Dog Trainer or Behaviourist.

On this course we learnt all about: Methods of training, How dogs learn/ how humans learn!, The science of behaviour, Assessing body language, 1-2-1 training & home visits, behavioural consultations, group classes, practical training exercises

7th June 2019 - Perfect Puppy Foundations

A one day course dedicated for trainers to giving new puppies the perfect building blocks to a happy family life.

On this course we learnt about: Perfect foundations/stages and senses, the common pitfalls, important first exercises, common new owner issues, why puppies end up in rescue & how to avoid, helping the nervous puppy, when is it play/when is it aggression, home visits, 1-2-1's, group classes, puppy parties.

8th June 2019 - Canine Body Language

"...if only they could talk!"

"Communication doesn't start when one speaks, it starts when one listens."

A whole day dedicated to the wonderful world of Canine Body Language with extensive video analysis

On this course we learnt about: Empathy, Environmental Influences, Observation Skills, Detailed Video Analysis, Interpretation, How to Help the Owner, How to Help the Dog

5th - 8th October 2019 - 4 Day Practical Instructors Course

The four day Practical Dog instructors Course is a real hands on course designed to give candidates practical coaching skills in the group class environment an enjoyable and intensive 4 days of practical coaching.

On this course we learnt about: coaching exercises, methods and exercises to teach in class, group class exercises for beginners to advanced, how to 'teach' , not just steward, observational skills, class planning, layout and dynamics, structuring the class, applying solid learning theory to practical classes, teaching real people with real dogs

9th & 10th October 2019 - 2 Day Membership Assessment

During the two day Assessment process, applicants will:
* Perform a 20 minute lesson outdoors to a class of mixed ability dogs & handlers
* Perform a 20  minute Puppy Home Visit and advise on a common 'puppy problem'
* Perform a 20 minute rescue dog practical 121 training session and prepare a follow-up report/email
* Have a 20 minute oral, or 60 minute written short answer question & answer session with an IMDT Assessor.

We are super pleased to announce that we passed our assessment with distinction and are now full members of IMDT