Puppy Life Skills Visits

*Currently Unavailable*

1 hour puppy life skills visits allows us to spend more time with your puppy and also offer a more tailored service. During this hour we can offer a few different services these range from:

Enrichment Experience: Enrichment will stimulate your dogs natural senses and engage their minds to work out how to get rewards through games and puzzles, we also allow them to experience different textures through walking on different surfaces.

Socialization Experience: Alot of people assossiate socialization with just meeting and playing with other dogs but there is alot more to this. During this we will take your dog out of the garden (carrying them if needed) and allow them to experience the noises of traffic, seeing traffic, seeing birds and other people/dogs etc, This also allows them to learn that they dont get to go up and say hi to everything that they see. This will ensure they are comfortable around things in the enviroment that can cause them fear as they get older if they are not introduced carefully and on a regular basis.

Training: We can make a start to puppy training for you this incudes sit, recall, reflex to name & eye contact. We will always advise you of any training we have done and if you have specific commands you would like us to use this is no problem at all. This is a great start to moving up to our puppy classes.