It is always exciting to bring home a puppy for the first time. Not only are puppies cute, but they can also grow into great companions and life-long friends. Although there are many popular dog breeds, we still need to ensure the breed or temperament of a particular dog breed fits our lifestyle and personality. Once you have decided on a puppy, there are many essentials you need to know and preparations to take before actually bringing them home. Do not worry though, with the right dog training, time, patience and passion, you will be able to train your puppy to grow into a wonderful family member.

We offer home visits to ensure you and your puppy can get started on obedience & happiness nice and early. We are able to show you how to work on basic training. Teaching your puppy recall, allowing them to enjoy being in the company of other dogs by correctly socialising them, teaching them not to jump at visitors, walking on a lead and all the other important lessons a puppy can learn in the first few months. 

We're also there to offer training & advice on other potential issues which can range from not settling at night, toilet training, chewing/mouthing and all the other new owner issues you may have. 

One tip we always give new owners is the earlier you start the better. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.