We all know a content dog is a well-exercised dog and we love seeing dogs active and happy outdoors.  We will collect your dog from home and then travel to one of our walk locations in the Scottish Hillside. Our group walks will never exceed 6 dogs, we will only ever have 6 dogs when we are both together aswell. We tend not to exceed 5 dogs to one handler.

Our Group walks last for 1 Hour this is a full hour of walking no travel time is included in this. We know dogs love to do natural activities such as sniffing, digging, swimming, exploring and playing so we allow plenty of time for this.  We also vary the places we walk, as we are keen to give the dogs a fun, enriching experience.

Basic training will naturally occur during walks.  For example, we may ask dogs to sit before letting them off the lead, randomly practice recall and play training games.  This is balanced with giving the dogs plenty of space and time to relax with their pals.  Of course all desired responses are positively reinforced, whether it be with praise, freedom, a game or food.

All of the dogs with 4Paws love their daily walks.  It’s an opportunity to have a good run about in the fresh air with their friends.  We see dogs that walk with us honing their dog social skills, becoming more fluid and relaxed and developing dog friendships.  At the end of the walk we return dogs to their home, relaxed and ready for a snooze.

We will upload videos of your furred family members adventures later that day on our Facebook page to allow you to see what they got up to.