Dog Walking is available both privately and in groups of no more than 6.

We can tailor each Dog Walk to your Dogs individual needs. From longer walks for Dogs full of bounce and energy, to short fun walks for those Dogs that aren't too keen on walking for miles and miles - but equally like a little fun in the river.
Providing a healthy mix between both Private and Group Walks, we ensure that your Dog gets the most social and mental stimulation as possible whilst still creating the time to concentrate on the dogs individually.

Below, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions, so you can understand a little more about the service. 

Making the First Steps..

Before we confirm any service bookings, we like to be able to meet new owners and potential new Adventurers in person.

So, when you get in touch with us, whether that is through here (our website) or any other means, and you have explained your service requirements, we will usually attempt to arrange a Meet and Greet at a time both suitable to you and us.

Basically, the sooner you book a Meet and Greet, the quicker we can start your services. The quicker we start your services; the more Adventures your dog(s) will have. 

What should I expect from a Dog Walk with 4Paws?

Here at 4Paws, we like to walk all our Dogs in locations that we know, from experience, are safe and appropriate in terms of their distances from the public and local emergency services - if they are ever needed. 

The Dogs are always walked in groups no larger than 6, to ensure that we keep up with the highest safety standards, whilst maintaining an equal amount of attention for each Dog that attends the group sessions. Not only this, but smaller groups are much easier to handle when it comes to walking on the lead, compared to that of a larger group.
We like to think that the quality of the walk is far more important than the quantity of the Dogs we can fit in per hour. The service has so much more room to be personalised this way. 

When it comes to pairing Dogs in groups for the day ahead of us, we like to have a look at the requests from Clients and pair them together based on timings, and their personality / trait types. For example; a shy and timid 2 year old Female Labrador, would be paired with a quiet and relaxed, 5 year old Male Labrador. The main reason for this is because we know that both Dogs aren't full on, and would sniff, perhaps play but mainly bimble along on the walk.

We don't tend to mix other Dogs into our groups until we feel like we know the Dogs properly, and will happily keep our group numbers small, until we feel that all our Dogs would be comfortable in a larger group. We like to focus on building confidence, and trust - before we start changing things. 

Where do you usually walk the Dogs?

There is a wide variety of places that we like to take the Dogs, so they can enjoy a mix of places during their week of booked walks! There's nothing more tedious than walking the Dogs around the same place every single day, and we always like to explore and find little Adventures - where we can. 

Since we live in the delightful & beautiful Scottish Highlands, there are plenty of places near and further afield that we can take the Dogs.

My Dog doesn't get on with other Dogs - can they be walked on their own?

Of course they can!
We understand that not all Dogs get along with one another - whether this is because they are scared of them or can become protective and aggressive.
Some Dogs just need a little bit of gentle encouragement when it comes to socialising with others, but we know that this takes time and it's not something to expect straight away.
It is because of this that we offer both Private and Group Walks. 

My Dog runs away when let off-lead. Would it be a problem if my Dog was to be kept on-lead?

Don't worry - if your Dog isn't so great with recall, and can't be let off-lead, we will happily walk with them on their lead during each scheduled walk.
Whether it's an off-lead walk or an on-lead walk, this is something that we are more than happy to cater for. We can also help to improve your Dogs confidence and ability to walk off-lead or on-lead if you feel that this is something that would benefit both you and your family.

As long as you specify on the Enrollment forms that you receive at the end of your Meet and Greet, that you would like your Dog to say on-lead or off-lead (when it is safe to do so) - we can help you.