Hi, thank you for visiting my website, I'm Ash and I started 4Paws in April 2016. I have always had a passion for dogs and animals in general, When I found out I was losing my job I decided to turn my passion into my job. How I wish i did it years ago....

I spend most of my days surrounded by dogs on forest walks, watching them playing and having fun. Some of their antics have me laughing daily. I still can't believe that I get paid to do a job that I enjoy this much.



caroline & Oscar

Hi, I'm Caroline. My life has always revolved around dogs I have always been keen to learn about them and it got worse when I got Oscar (pictured above) in 2014. Oscar has given me alot of challenges throughout the time i have owned him. But he continues to progress each and everyday through positive training.

I worked with dogs in doggy day care for a year where i also started more on behaviour courses and body language courses to learn how to read dogs better.

I started my trainers course along with Ash in 2019 and I am looking forward to being able to assist owners in training their dogs. I enjoy being outdoor with all your furred family members ensuring that they all have a great time while out with us and their new friends.


Cuillin is my own Collie who joins us on our group walks. He can be seen in all the videos we post. He is a very energetic dog who will get all the playful dogs playing and chasing each other.