1-2-1 Interactive Adventure Walks.

These walks are suited to all dogs but especially aimed towards those who are fearful/anxious or those who are not ready for group walks. We understand that some dogs may require more attention and a calmer approach when it comes to what they don't understand or haven't experienced in the best way due to many factors faced in the outside world. Small things can cause these dogs alot of upset we have specially selected walks for these dogs high in the hills to ensure they can have a nice and relaxed walk and not be triggered by certain things and keep stress levels to a minimum. These are also suited to older dogs or dogs on rehabilitation from an injury or surgery

Having gone through various body language courses we can understand your dog and see when they are stressed or relaxed. This enables us to tailor each walk to your dog and if a certain part of a walk stresses them we know to ethier work on that part or use a different walk to ensure they are comfortable & enjoy their walks with us.

After a fearful experience it can take up to 72 hours for the chemical levels in your dogs to return to normal. So they can still be on edge for up to 3 days after a bad experience. This is why it is important that we give them the special attention that they deserve.

These walks are completly different to our group walks. On these walks your dog will have our undivied attention, they will get time to explore the world at their own pace, we will include confidence building games with them and also some chillout time just taking in the world together to show them that they are safe while out and about.

We both have experience with fearful/anxious dogs with Caroline's Oscar being one. So we know how to handle them carefully and and with compassion. We are continually going on training courses to further our knowledge to be able to provide you and your dog the best service/experience possible.

Our 1-2-1 walks can be on-lead, on a 10ft long line, or off lead. We will always carry treats, toys or anything to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible while out on a walk. On the walks your dog will get freedom to do as they please this could be just sniffing, digging, swimming, running about but we will also include some basic training/reinforcement of already trained commands (recall, sit, down etc)

We are experienced in handling reactive dogs or those that have behavioural problems, as well as those recovering from surgery or rehabilitated. We have attended many courses to assist us with reading body language and assessing behaviour.