Enrichment visits are a newly added service we offer that we feel current clients and new clients will benefit from.
Rather than a basic pop in an enrichment pop in mentally drains and stimulates a dogs senses without over exciting them. It engages their nose while getting their brain working to figure out puzzles, tasksĀ and encouraging foraging for rewards whether this is for treats, toys or even your dogs daily meal.
Enrichment pop ins are beneficial to all dogs though others may be in need of them more such as;
*puppies who are on limited exercise due to growing bones, joints and ligaments
*older dogs who may not be as fit as they were cant go as far but still need that little bit extra
*reactive/fearful dogs who struggle to cope with different triggers in the environment
*dogs recovering from an operation who are on reduced exercise or bed rest

Why is enrichment important???
*decreases boredom
*decreases destructive behaviour
*improves learning
*improves memory
*reduces stress
*mentally stimulates
*mentally drains
*encourages natural foraging instincts
*doesn't overstimulate

If you would like any more info or have any questions on the service please feel free to ask