Our 1-2-1 Solo Walks are tailored to your dog’s physical and mental needs and are undertaken by a single expert Carer.

Perhaps you have a dog that isn’t ready for Group Walks, or prefers walkies without a crowd? Our 1-2-1 walks are perfect for a variety of needs.

Booking is flexible and you can request walks as little or as much as you need them.

With our 1-2-1 walks we will pick up your dog and transport them to one of our carefully selected walks in the hills where it's very rare we will meet any members of the public, This will allow your dog to have a chilled, stress free walk and a good run about off lead (with permission)

Our 1-2-1 walks can be on-lead, on a 10ft long line, or off lead. We will always carry treats, toys or anything to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible while out on a walk. On the walks your dog will get freedom to do as they please this could be just sniffing, digging, swimming, running about but we will also include some basic training/reinforcement of already trained commands (recall, sit, down etc)

We are experienced in handling reactive dogs or those that have behavioural problems, as well as those recovering from surgery or rehabilitated. We have attended many courses to assist us with reading body language and assessing behaviour.